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  • Proposed tree felling in Sladnor Park
    The developers of Sladnor Park have submitted a proposal to fell a significant number of trees on the site. The rationale and schedule can be found in the documents section of the PA for Sladnor Park, where they can be downloaded. The proposal amounts to the destruction… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2019-05-16
    4 days ago
    The Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust's letter regarding the perceived abject failures and duplicity of the Torbay Design Review Panel (TDRP) makes for fascinating but ultimately alarming reading. The letter is reproduced here by kind permission of the TCHT.“It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was… ... read more
    Source: MAIDENCOMBE.NETPublished on 2019-01-05
    5 months ago
    Engineers and equipment have been on site all day at the lower end of Sladnor Park just in from Brim Hill. Two operations are taking place with drilling equipment to test the water tables and saturation levels of the lower reaches of Sladnor Park.Survey team number 1 at Sladnor ParkThe… ... read more
    Source: MAIDENCOMBE.NETPublished on 2019-01-02
    5 months ago
  • Has the Sladnor planning application of 2007 expired?
    Over the years a number of planning applications have been submitted for the redevelopment of Sladnor Park. These included the construction of a hotel, the development of a holiday village and the development of private dwellings. Additionally, ‘exotic’ proposals put forward also included the formation of a… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-12-11
    5 months ago
  • Safeguard Torbay‚Äôs designated Coastal Country Park
    Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust has released a flyer, which clearly highlights what is at risk with the proposed Sladnor Park Development and what will be lost, should the application be approved. The post Safeguard Torbay’s designated Coastal Country Park appeared first on Maidencombe Community. ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-12-04
    6 months ago
  • Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust objects to Sladnor Development
    The Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust is an independent, non-political, voluntary organisation, 
which promotes the improvement of Torbay. Their principal aims are to encourage high standards of architecture and planning, conservation and enhancement of Torbay’s heritage and settings and foster the improvement of public amenities and the quality of life. Anyone can register their… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-12-03
    6 months ago
  • Press Release from Maidencombe Residents Association
    The Maidencombe Residents Association have published a press release concerning Sladnor Park. It can be downloaded here. The MRA request that you distribute this within your own networks so that people are fully informed about the proposed development and the objections to it. The post Press Release from Maidencombe… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-12-02
    6 months ago
  • Planning Application for Sladnor Park submitted
    A planning application has been submitted to develop Sladnor Park. Ref. No: P/2018/1140 | Received date: Mon 12 Nov 2018 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application Demolition of existing pairs of chalets (with the exception of one pair) and the development of a Continuing Care Retirement Community… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-11-27
    6 months ago
  • Planning permission quashed for Torbay flagship development
    Torbay Council has admitted what numerous Torbay residents have known all along – that their planning permission for the Cary Green development was “fatally flawed”. The decision may well have far reaching ramifications for Torbay council and affect upcoming planning applications that concern Maidencombe – particularly the spectre of Sladnor… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-08-02
    10 months ago
  • Dairy disaster
    22:20 Saturday 14th July, I was driving back towards Maidencombe when I spotted a cow walking along the hedge on the main coast road by Labrador Bay Car Park. It was facing oncoming traffic like any sensible hiker would. I drove a short distance to turn around, so I could… ... read more
    Source: Maidencombe Community NewsPublished on 2018-07-19
    10 months ago