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Maidencombe – Coves, walks and history

This informative booklet contains the following chapters:

  • Maidencombe Village
  • Coves of Maidencombe
  • Walks in Maidencombe, including maps
  • Dining and staying over
  • Historical buildings
  • Secret Maidencombe
  • Fields of Maidencombe

The price of the book is £4. If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact Jim Campbell at

Coves of Maidencombe

One year in the making, this neat little booklet is an ideal guide to all of the coves along the Maidencombe coast.

“Every year many hundreds of tourists and hikers traverse the SWCP stretch between Shaldon and Maidencombe. At various points along the winding, extraordinarily scenic path, tantalising glimpses of deserted coves can be seen.
It is assumed that the only access to these secluded coves is via the sea by pleasure craft, kayak or canoe…”

If you wish to order a copy of this book, please contact Jim Campbell at

Captain Bill’s Secret Maidencombe

A joint collaboration between Neal Taylor and Jim Campbell.

“Historical features past & present” – This map brings together legend, tales and facts about this ancient and wonderful corner of Britain – all on one handy duotone map.

The legendary and late Captain Bill, who resided in Maidencombe, entrusted all of this information (almost entirely) to Jim Campbell.

Coming soon!

Fields of Maidencombe

For the first time in history, all of the fields in Maidencombe have been named and listed on this map.

Includes numerous paths along Maidencombe fields.

The map brings together the combined knowledge of Jim Campbell, Alan and Bob Hunt who, combined, can boast over two centuries of Maidencombe residency.

£2.50 (colour and laminated)

John Musgrave Trail from Maidencombe to Brixham

The trail explores over 40 of the region’s finest heritage features and takes the walker past creeks and castles, along the coast and through rolling meadows and woodland on footpaths, tracks and quiet lanes. The route is easy to follow, waymarked, suitable for walkers of all abilities and accessible by public transport. Information and interpretation boards along the route add to the walker’s enjoyment.

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