Brim hill closed again for water leak

The tell-tale trickle of water down Brim hill could only mean that the ‘everlasting’ leak had surfaced once more and that South West Water would soon be digging up the road – yet again.

I took a closer look at the works on Monday and now can see why the ‘leak’ occurs and will continue to do so, time and time again.

The 'repair'
The ‘repair’

A veritable Heath Robinson arrangement of water couplers and graduated plastic pipes connect the two apparently different diameter water pipes. A failed section of plastic pipe remains.

To my knowledge, this is at least the seventh time the leak has occurred over the years.  I would have thought that engineers had the number of incidents logged and would have questioned the effectiveness of repairs previously undertaken.

Residents now have the right to ask whether it would now be better to simply replace the section of pipe, instead of SWW continuing to keep patching up the leak and knowing that it will be just a matter of time before they are called out again.