The Torbay Coastal Heritage Trust is an independent, non-political, voluntary organisation, 
which promotes the improvement of Torbay. Their principal aims are to encourage high standards of architecture and planning, conservation and enhancement of Torbay’s heritage and settings and foster the improvement of public amenities and the quality of life.

Anyone can register their interest by writing to Mervyn Seal, who designed the original lodges at Sladnor Park.

The Trust has submitted an objection to the proposed Sladnor Park development. It can be viewed and downloaded here.

The Trust was formed in response to Torbay Council’s lack of consideration for their own stated planning Policies, calling down criticism from English Heritage and the Victorian Society.

English Heritage, for example, has catalogued the Council’s Gardens in their 2017 “At Risk Register”. The Victorian Society has registered a very strong condemnation on the Victorian Pavilion and has listed Torbay Council’s Oldway Mansions as an “Endangered Building” in 2018.

According to TCHT, ‘Torbay Council proceeds often with lack of consideration for their own policies for Open Spaces, Environment, Historic Heritage, Conservation Areas, and significant key places.’

Unless sufficient people object, Sladnor Park may well become another victim of Torbay Council’s ‘lack of consideration’.